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Wealth-Lab 8 Feature Wish List
93 Open Feature Requests, 235 Completed
Votes Question Author Created Status
Trading from the Streaming Chart Glitch7 Open
Add Symbol Mappings for Historical Providers superticker7 Open
Choose single symbol to run a strategy in Strategy Monitor Eugene7 Open
Option chains and Greeks innertrader7 Open
Provide extension download link in Home Page tool mjj37 Open
WFO: Allow to specify "Out of Sample Range" in years or days DrKoch7 Open
Access Accounts data from broker programmatically innertrader7 Open
FIX Base Broker Provider Cone7 Open
Cross/Multi-Currency Simulations Cone7 Open
Bring Back and Improve TrendLineValue Cone7 Open
Optimization with StrategyRunner DrKoch7 Open
Clone ASCII DataSet format Cone7 Open
Adding #anchor links to forum, documentation, and FAQ pages superticker7 Open
API for access of saved optimizations DrKoch7 Open
Auto-Place WealthSignals MichaHahn27 Open
Cash Symbol Holding Preference for Backtests MustPlayOptions7 Open
Default bar scales for bulk data update kazuna7 Open
Walk-Forward Optimization OS Metrics tab & IS/OS Parameters Optimization arflouro827 Open
Indicator Grid Editor JimC7 Open
Support for Enable/Disable Autosave in Optimizer API (For Better Performance) splodge7 Open
Use Broker Cancel/Replace Cone7 Open
Ability to synchronize crosshair position across multiple linked charts. nventress237 Open
Go to specific date & time in chart? paul19867 Open
Any plans on implementing a Robinhood API? MustPlayOptions7 Open
Walk Forward Optimization (Pre-Live Optimization) Option arflouro827 Open
Provide separate "Split Adjusted" and "Dividend Adjusted" options for Yahoo Data da420077 Open
Display OHLC when hovering an external symbol plot da420077 Open
Alpaca Extension: Support for Crypto API splodge7 Open
Add Visualization of Genetic Evolver DrKoch7 Open
API for strategy code manipulations DrKoch7 Open
Add account nickname to help identify multiple accounts by single broker nventress237 Open
Brazilian Bovespa data provider 4l3x4ndr37 Open
Make WealthSignals Publisher (WSP) honor Transaction.Weight vk7 Open
GTD - Order MIH7 Open
Can Exit Orphan Positions work in WealthSignals Publisher? arflouro827 Open
Implement IB Client Portal (REST) API to bypass TWS innertrader7 Open
What's the optimum way to color the distance between two indicators MohammadRashid7 Open
Apply button for Indicator Edit Settings dialog paul19867 Open
How do you set size of date price at top of a chart? drjaymichael7 Open
Rotation strategies in Strategy Monitor are not possible? sts-am7 Open
Bid/ask support B.W.O.7 Open
Override decimal precision Sammy_G7 Open
Optimizer Settings - Multi-select enable/disable bengh805037 Open
Send to Quotes automatically from Strategy Monitor mjj37 Open
Adding selected orders count and total amount to Order Manager Replikant_m7 Open
When you log in from inside a thread, return to that thread MustPlayOptions7 Open
Symbol by Symbol optimization results filter kazuna7 Open
Easy output for ScottPlot in floating window or tab superticker7 Open
"Symbol by Symbol" optimization: single set for all DataSet symbols mdosey7 Open
Auto-save option to recover unsaved strategies/workspaces maximgl7 Open
Refresh historical data across all scales kazuna7 Open
Ensemble Building Block mjj37 Open
Broker provider KuCoin for shorting cryptos mdosey7 Open
NSF Position Distribution / Analysis mjj37 Open
Percentage calculations for futures trading alkimist7 Open
Data provider for Taipan Realtime? Ben137 Open
Order Manager autofill trade values with row click MustPlayOptions7 Open
Dummy Broker Streaming Tally Neverlong7 Open
Binance on the Futures Coin section Lunev7 Open
Smart Same-Bar Exits for Backtests Cone7 Open
Crypto Streaming Preference: Bid/Ask Spread for Quotes Cone7 Open
Tabs for Windows FLX7 Open
New Tool Request - Event Study Cone7 Open
IOC - Order MIH7 Open
AON - Order MIH7 Open
Display Execution time when Granular is on vk7 Open
WL Working Folder - VS debugging mode MIH7 Open
Strategy P/L of live trading Crash20227 Open
Option to Freeze a Column in Data Manager Sammy_G7 Open
Restricting a Blocks strategy to N symbols and highest/lowest Weight emilio_gabriel7 Open
LimitMove should always be relative to Opening Price Cone7 Open
Markets: Display/Stop/Limit Decimals by Price Range Cone7 Open
Adding error bars showing min/max values to Periodic Returns maximgl7 Open
Limit too far from current price - convert to market MustPlayOptions7 Open
Close position with Limit/Stop order from Accounts window MustPlayOptions7 Open
Streaming ASCII data (Read static data and live quotes from file) haytac7 Open
Allow for several metrics in WFO Bar Heat Map DrKoch7 Open
Tradestation data & broker providers balram797 Open
Have staged orders placed as buying power increases MustPlayOptions7 Open
Make Quote Window settings sticky MustPlayOptions7 Open
Order Manager estimated order value and current price columns MustPlayOptions7 Open
Specify date range of symbols in DataSet (survivorship bias) emilio_gabriel7 Open
Return and drawdown in tabular form as in WL6? Lunev7 Open
Adding a pen to the chart area mrsic7 Open
Multi-Condition Group: find best combination for "Condition Number N Is True" mjj37 Open
Benchmark symbol made available to Blocks strategies mb54137 Open
How to Send Full Bracket of 3 Orders to TDA API ? Crash20227 Open
Periodical refill of capital MIH7 Open
Phasing out strategy (block entries but allow exits to proceed) MIH7 Open
Plot Trade Annotations for External BarHistory ravikatha7 Open
On Chain data API e.g Glassnode M1Capital7 Open
Trigger Trading Threshold mechanism with code tradersdelightsystems7 Open
New trading threshold for maximum number of open positions tradersdelightsystems7 Open
Completed Features
Votes Question Author Completed Available
Building Block Order Descriptions mjj37 Build 7
Add Bar's range to Date/OHLC/CHG values at top of chart paul19867 Build 48
Histogram with no space between bars? OceanView7 Build 13
Stop Limit order type – do you have or are you going to add one? Replikant_m7 Build 13
Portfolio Tracker to display metrics and equity curve Springroll7 Build 42
Trade History Strategy: set position size in WL7 mb54137 Build 11
bool BehindBars Parameter for Drawn Objects Glitch7 Build 11
Position Size - Max Percent Risk fred99997 Build 11
Push Indicators & Fundamentals into Strategy Code - Take 2 Cone7 Build 11
Rotation Strategy – Add Chart Pane for Visualizer of DataSet Rotation nventress237 Build 10
GetSessionOpen: access daily Open (today's partial bar) from strategy code kazuna7 Build 10
Collapse chart pane jheffez7 Build 10
Coinbase Extension Glitch7 Build 10
Generate a timestamp for "Use granular limit/stop processing" Friedel47117 Build 7
Add Commission column to Positions tab? MIH7 Build 9
Offline Warning Cone7 Build 8
Chart Patterns Engine - Override for PeakTroughs List RichJSails7 Build 8
Strategy Evolver Position Sizing Customization arflouro827 Build 8
Native EOD scaling support Cone7 Build 8
Allow an Order to Trade in Pre/Post Market arflouro827 Build 8
Bigger Profile for Forum Users DrKoch7 Build 7
Run Wealth-Lab without internet connection DrKoch7 Build 1
Tradier Brokerage Extension Glitch7 Build 7
FRED Indicator: Make Units Selectable DrKoch7 Build 6
Right Click Split from Chart Glitch7 Build 6
Historical data correction jheffez7 Build 6
WealthSignals Trader - more control over signal size alkimist7 Build 49
Accounts Window broker tab settings sticky MustPlayOptions7 Build 3
Add "Sell after N Bars" & "Cover after N Bars" to Strategy Evolver arflouro827 Build 5
Add Single vs Multiple Position option for Strategy Evolver arflouro827 Build 5
Commissions: configure minimum/maximum/basic separately? MIH7 Build 5
Strategy Monitor: Explicit control of Execute time on Daily+ Replikant_m7 Build 5
Strategy description edits mb54137 Build 4
Commission: associate with specific markets or symbols mdosey7 Build 4
Plot Shapes, Arrows, etc. with DrawBarAnnotation Cone7 Build 4
Limit On Close (LOC) Order Type Cone7 Build 4
Better MarkDown Parser for Help Files DrKoch7 Build 1
Strategy Parameters are hidden behind Strategy Settings kazuna7 Build 2
Chart Scales to Price mjj37 Build 2
Feature Request: Application Dark Theme paul19867 Build 1
Keyboard shortcuts for the chart MrHari7 Build 49
Is there any possibility of getting an adapter to CSI Data? Carova7 Build 49
Stepping through Signals (Alerts) in Chart View Cone7 Build 49
ScoreCard API: add method to return the "best suited" parameter combination DrKoch7 Build 49
Not deactivate Strategy Monitor after Run Now replyxf1234567 Build 48
Event Icon Reduction and Event Numbers Cone7 Build 48
Supporting rich-text strategy descriptions superticker7 Build 48
Indicator Sets Default for New Chart Cone7 Build 48
Autopopulate Symbol Entry Field Cone7 Build 48
Compare to Baseline Strategy DrKoch7 Build 4
Percent Volatility PosSizer: cap at X% equity eralbanese7 Build 47
Extend Help System for Extensions DrKoch7 Build 47
Expand Market & Symbols for metadata Cone7 Build 47
Notify on updates to both program and extensions and offer update alkimist7 Build 46
Curve Fitting Tests mjj37 Build 2
% of Equity in Positions Tab / Symbols Tab eralbanese7 Build 1
Send open positions to Quotes mjj37 Build 46
Sort Strategies by "Last Modified" mdosey7 Build 46
Version control for strategies? maximgl7 Build 46
RSS Feed for new Discussions on website Eugene7 Build 45
Hard to read right pane price/indicators jheffez7 Build 45
Strategy Monitor Signal Drag and Drop mjj37 Build 45
Indicator labels obscurring plots bengh805037 Build 45
Upgrading QUIK streaming data provider Replikant_m7 Build 45
Group by Hour for intraday bar scales Replikant_m7 Build 45
Strategy Monitor: Save last-used "Strategy Settings" mdosey7 Build 45
Why do Order Manager entries disappear ? pepeters7 Build 45
Strategy Monitor: open this Strategy in a Strategy window replyxf1234567 Build 45
Upcoming earnings dates Shaaker7 Build 45
Adding backtest progress indication Replikant_m7 Build 45
MetaStrategy: run on single equity? choose strategy parameters? mb54137 Build 45
Volume Profiles mjj37 Build 45
Optimize Granular Processing Glitch7 Build 45
Start optimizations at once kazuna7 Build 28
More intuitive global website search interface superticker7 Build 44
Warning needed for "Close All Windows" feature Shaaker7 Build 44
Evolving a Trading System with just a few clicks? Glitch7 Build 44
Add Rounded Top/Bottom chart pattern replyxf1234567 Build 29
Need to know how much historical data is requested mdosey7 Build 42
Seasonality Visualizer mjj37 Build 42
User-friendly import of historical trades Cone7 Build 42
Can you store columns settings with Workspace? Replikant_m7 Build 42
Subscribe to answers to my post / comments bascomo7 Build 42
Adding IndexLab to the Analysis Series visualizer superticker7 Build 33
Display hidden toolbar when typing a new symbol into a chart Cone7 Build 41
Advanced filtering of optimization results alkimist7 Build 41
Update K-Ratio to v.2013 in Extended Scorecard Eugene7 Build 1
Portfolio Backtest: group dropdown list by data provider alpha707 Build 40
Indicator Profiler Enhancements Cone7 Build 40
WealthScript SplitPosition Cone7 Build 40
Auto-start WealthSignals publishing arflouro827 Build 40
Standardize on the "WebBuilder" UI methodology da420077 Build 39
Please count trades that exit at Market Open as a full additional bar Sammy_G7 Build 39
Copy Blocks with Ctrl and drag da420077 Build 39
Multi-Select in Preferences->Metric Column DrKoch7 Build 39
Collapsible/Expandable Building Blocks da420077 Build 39
Support for Fractional Shares splodge7 Build 39
Highlight Series' Description also when Series is Highlighted in a Multi-Series Plot Sammy_G7 Build 38
Please make Signal Line Plots optional Sammy_G7 Build 38
User Defined Data Ranges DrKoch7 Build 38
Tick Filter for streaming data Cone7 Build 38
Quotes / Order Manager: show full quote MustPlayOptions7 Build 38
Closing WL7 forces Strategy Monitor to close active strategies MohammadRashid7 Build 38
Increase the sampling range of the Shrinking Window optimization Forecast017 Build 37
Most Recent N Weeks innertrader7 Build 37
Multi-Condition Groups for Building Blocks Cone7 Build 37
Publish and download of strategies alkimist7 Build 36
Migrate MS123 Visualizers: Trade Graphs Eugene7 Build 36
Unnecessary labels in status bar for Expert Mode Cone7 Build 36
Option to hide Drawing Toolbar from the right kazuna7 Build 36
Convenient way to look through the trades Replikant_m7 Build 36
Broker Order Status Continuity After Restarts Cone7 Build 35
Migrate the Analysis Series visualizer Eugene7 Build 35
Commission: missing minimum commission per trade quantarum7 Build 34
Fat Finger Warning for Manual Orders Glitch7 Build 34
Add binary caching to ASCII data to speed it up johnliang7 Build 34
A Chronological Debug Output Preference Cone7 Build 34
Binance Extension Glitch7 Build 34
Facilitate refresh of EOD historical data on new split/dividend Cone7 Build 33
Periodic Returns / Weekly period: group by week number maximgl7 Build 32
Add "Weight" Column to Quotes and Price Triggers window arflouro827 Build 32
Granular Processing to support WealthData delisted symbols WLP1237 Build 31
Quote Window - Have triggered trades show current threshold MustPlayOptions7 Build 31
Quotes Window Right-Click Place and Stage MustPlayOptions7 Build 31
Quotes window: UnTrigger option? mjj37 Build 31
One click copying of strategy settings Replikant_m7 Build 31
Freeze Strategy - Make Unchangeable, but Cloneable Cone7 Build 31
Non-linear Parameters Increments Cone7 Build 31
Request Tabular tab to update in real-time during optimization Replikant_m7 Build 31
Starting Capital on Metrics Report mb54137 Build 28
Bring back the Accounts Window MustPlayOptions7 Build 16
Trade arrows in V6 color scheme (green/red) ClockDrift7 Build 30
Walk Forward Optimization WFO Color vk7 Build 30
Auto-Save Optimization Results? Carova7 Build 30
Save/load optimization results to/from file Forecast017 Build 30
Use Transaction Weight as Tie-Breaker in Granular Processing WLP1237 Build 29
Closed equity curve Replikant_m7 Build 29
Open Chart from code DrKoch7 Build 29
Meta Scorecards and/for Multi Objective Optimization Cone7 Build 28
Metric - Probabilistic Sharpe Ratio Carova7 Build 28
IRR and custom Metrics Report MustPlayOptions7 Build 28
RSL (Levy) tradersdelightsystems7 Build 25
Toggle back to default workspace ell71237 Build 28
Migrate breadth indicators (MS123 IndexDefinitions) to Index-Lab Eugene7 Build 28
Strategy parameters associated with individual stocks (WL6 Preferred Values, PVs) superticker7 Build 28
Indicator Profiler improvement suggestions DrKoch7 Build 26
Margin on the right side of the chart Cone7 Build 26
Filter optimization results kazuna7 Build 26
Push Indicators & Fundamentals into Strategy Code Sammy_G7 Build 26
Scaling from lowest point on Equity tab Replikant_m7 Build 25
Drag & Drop Arithmetic Cone7 Build 25
Network Drive for Strategies, DataSets, Data Cone7 Build 25
Adding the PriceGrid drawing tool to the drawing objects toolbar and let it work wherever Replikant_m7 Build 24
Indicator Advanced Options for Building Blocks Cone7 Build 24
Make parameters of position sizing optimizable DrKoch7 Build 24
WealthSignals publishing on WL7? ddaurelio7 Build 24
Chart pattern recognition Eugene7 Build 23
Discussions - Request full text search by content Springroll7 Build 22
SetSlippage override Sammy_G7 Build 12
Notify of out-of-date extensions LenMoz7 Build 22
Set as Default Workspace kazuna7 Build 22
Start WL7 instance with specifying a Workspace kazuna7 Build 22
Visualize the equity and other metrics separately on a by symbol basis? Replikant_m7 Build 21
Add "Building Block" support for checking Market Hours mdosey7 Build 18
Auto Trading Circuit Breakers Cone7 Build 19
Link button to synchronize multiple chart windows in Workspace rickhibbs7 Build 19
WealthSignals Trader for WL7 Cone7 Build 19
Symbol in saved workspace gets replaced with SPY pepeters7 Build 18
Conditional Orders TD Ameritrade MustPlayOptions7 Build 18
Broker Auto-Trade Preferences - Market On Open, Portfolio Sync Cone7 Build 18
More Building Blocks: exits, conditions, date/intraday etc. Cone7 Build 18
Stop Loss in Blocks: add Point based option Cacholla7 Build 16
Dynamic DataSet for stock screening with parameters arflouro827 Build 16
Display each parameter's DefaultValue on Optimization Settings screen LenMoz7 Build 16
Provide for direct entry of parameter values LenMoz7 Build 16
Support Scheduled Tasks for Auto Update Cone7 Build 16
Trading Support for Same Bar exits Cone7 Build 16
Broker Accounts Window Cone7 Build 16
Allow Historical Providers to Support Second and Volume Bars Natively Cone7 Build 9
Custom Optimizer progress displays LenMoz7 Build 1
DrawHeaderText - fixed width/monospace font MrHari7 Build 14
Select which optimization metrics from a Scorecard to optimize on Forecast017 Build 13
Point and Figure: One Step Back Rule Glitch7 Build 4
WL6's EnableTradeNotes equivalent to WL7 kazuna7 Build 15
Adding a font parameter to DrawText() to temporarily employ a different font (or style) superticker7 Build 15
Please add a skip(lines) parameter to TimeSeries.ReadFromFile() MaRe7 Build 15
Adding “Are you sure? Yes/No” when deleting workspaces Replikant_m7 Build 15
DrawHeaderText for non-Price panes; user-selectable Font Sammy_G7 Build 15
Add PeakTroughType.ATR/ATRPercent to make peak trough calculations more adaptive Replikant_m7 Build 15
Multi-Column Sort: Positions, Signals tab Cone7 Build 15
Monte Carlo-Lab for Wealth-Lab 7 Cone7 Build 15
Request PosSizer sharing equity between signals Replikant_m7 Build 1
Charting - Lock Toolbar Visibility TraderGuy7 Build 14
Nasdaq and other indexes: symbols Alexk787 Build 14
Strategy Monitor: MultiSelect Glitch7 Build 14
Can QuickRef Properties/Methods filter by substring? Replikant_m7 Build 14
Control Text Font Glitch7 Build 14
HideVolume support psimmons7 Build 14
Name of Current DataSet? DrKoch7 Build 14
Export and Import coded Strategies DrKoch7 Build 14
Custom Pane Order, Height Cone7 Build 14
Adding parameters comments in Strategy Parameters section Replikant_m7 Build 14
Request QUIK streaming data provider for Russian market Replikant_m7 Build 13
TwelveData provider Eugene7 Build 13
Backtest Result Comparison Tool Cone7 Build 13
Can "Gap Down" be implemented with building blocks? wernerhh7 Build 12
Alert by email on new order/signal Cone7 Build 12
Can you add Fibonacci Extension to the drawing tools? mjj37 Build 12
Discussion List: Show Timestamp of last post DrKoch7 Build 10
Parabolic2 Sammy_G7 Build 10
Nasdaq Composite DataSet MaSto7 Build 10
Mark peeking Indicators DrKoch7 Build 10
Is there a way to know if strategy is running in backtest mode, SM, or streaming in a chart? MohammadRashid7 Build 10
Request a broker provider for Russian market (QUIK) Replikant_m7 Build 10
NeuroLab Extension Glitch7 Build 9
Search in Debug Log tab Replikant_m7 Build 9
Please restore Data Tool in WL7 Sammy_G7 Build 9
Drag & Drop DataSets into Strategy Settings Marcel7 Build 9
Expose MAE% and MFE% to Positions Cone7 Build 9
Stop Drawing Trendline on Trade Exit Bar Cone7 Build 9
LimitMove B.W.O.7 Build 1
Can NSF Position Exit Signals be marked? quantarum7 Build 8
Correlation matrix of strategies within MetaStrategy Replikant_m7 Build 8
Missing Position.Value(AsOf)? MustPlayOptions7 Build 8
Finam HDP: select multiple tickers? add/delete symbols in Configure DataSet? Replikant_m7 Build 8
Can custom tickers be specified in Finam provider (Russia extension)? Replikant_m7 Build 8
Allow users to select which Event Item Icons to plot Sammy_G7 Build 1
Additional metrics for optimizations Carova7 Build 1
What happened to WL6 Community Indicators and Swing Functions? Sammy_G7 Build 8
Line visualizing a trade on the chart fred99997 Build 7
Oscillator Indicator Shading with 2 Colors pestocat27 Build 7
Wish list: Wealth-Data DataSet for Russell 1000 and 2000 sts-am7 Build 8
Please consider adding a Money Flow Index Indicator. sdbens207 Build 4
Can classical MACD indicator be included? pichu_19727 Build 7
Entry and Exit Signals columns are blank on Backtest Results tab sdbens207 Build 7
Declined Feature Requests
Votes Question Author Created Status
Add support for Options strategy design and trading MustPlayOptions7 Declined
Additional Machine Learning Algorithms and GPU support Carova7 Declined
Database (SQL) data provider ewessely7 Declined
DataSet / WatchList Ranking Tool Cone7 Declined
Update all extensions at once MustPlayOptions7 Declined
WealthSignals Trader Cone7 Declined
Store Strategy on Cloud Cone7 Declined
Improve Chart Toolbar Auto Hide Usability Cone7 Declined
New Indicator Category: Rate of Change DrKoch7 Declined
Adjust range/optimization step in Strategy Parameters Forecast017 Declined
Limit and Stop Precision Glitch7 Declined
Portfolio Inspector visualizer Eugene7 Declined
"Symbol by Symbol" Optimization: improve speed mdosey7 Declined
Debug Log: Floating & Adjustable Sammy_G7 Declined
No desktop shortcut option on installation kazuna7 Declined
Equity curve zooming can be improved Replikant_m7 Declined
Please add Show All Signals to Strategy Monitor sdbens207 Declined
Sharpe Ratio to pick period adaptively based on time frame Carova7 Declined
Restore Active Orders when WL Connects to Broker MustPlayOptions7 Declined
Can S&P Midcap 400 be added to the WealthData DataSets? hplein7 Declined
Core Indices Dataset Sammy_G7 Declined
Fibonacci Lines as indicator not just drawing tool arflouro827 Declined
Add PMs to other WL users DrKoch7 Declined
A lack of persistence in Strategy Ranking tool Replikant_m7 Declined
Adding Name and/or Comment field to Strategy Monitor Replikant_m7 Declined
Make NSF positions reproducible (Add seed for random number generator) DrKoch7 Declined
Please give more details in the log output mdosey7 Declined
Change WorkSpaces to XML format kazuna7 Declined
Hardware configuration (Threads + Memory) MIH7 Declined
Workspace Text Files - XML Format Please RichJSails7 Declined
Blocks for Date/Time conditions sts-am7 Declined
Auto Market (X # of Bars/Days) order arflouro827 Declined
Add a Save Method to Strategy Monitor mjj37 Declined
Show Tabular next to Symbol by Symbol within the same tab kazuna7 Declined
BarData.Bid/Ask Crash20227 Declined
Adding Equity Curve to Optimization Results mb54137 Declined
Candidate Rank Filter Building Block mjj37 Declined
ASCII data - Reading multiple files for one symbol MIH7 Declined
Adding Starting Capital to Backtesting Metrics Report mb54137 Declined
Can't change strategy Parameters while looking at chart thodder7 Declined
Message column for open positions in Accounts window DrKoch7 Declined
Separate Strategy Parameters and Optimization Parameters kazuna7 Declined
SM option to disable deactivation following Run Now innertrader7 Declined
Set commission from code mtahta7 Declined
Is it possible to run daily Strategy Monitor at 3:30 pm replyxf1234567 Declined
Add SetBarColor to IndicatorBase mjj37 Declined
Option: Don't jump to C# Code Editor when compile button pressed paul19867 Declined
Trading Thresholds - Percentage option tradersdelightsystems7 Declined
File - Print Content from selected tab nventress237 Declined
Add methods for portfolio sync in strategy code like FindPortfolioOpenPosition andyrust7 Declined
Extra Bars for Backtesting innertrader7 Declined
Grouped Condition Blocks da420077 Declined
Zacks fundamental data Eugene7 Declined
Add Drawdown Times to Extended Scorecard? hasenhas7 Declined
Fractional Share Support Option for WL7 and WealthSignals (Publisher & Trader) Carova7 Declined
Drag and drop reorder of symbols in the DataSets sidebar MrHari7 Declined
Show Sorting Column + Allow Subsorting Sammy_G7 Declined
ActiveTick provider? Eugene7 Declined
IEXcloud provider Eugene7 Declined
Make "Need to Load Data" more Informative for Intraday Eugene7 Declined
Allow pasted WL7 code to run in WebBuilder da420077 Declined
Optimization Results with Equity Curve mjj37 Declined