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Namespace: WealthLab.WPF
Parent: UserControl

TabPage is a user interface class derived from the WPF UserControl. It contains additional properties and methods that allow it to be installed as a new tab page in the WL8 Preferences tool. A custom WL8 Extension (WL8ExtensionBase) can override its PreferencePages property to return instances that are added to the Preferences tool tab control.

public virtual void Cleanup()

Perform any cleanup required for your tab page when it is closed.

public virtual string HelpToken

Override this property to return the help page that should be opened when the user open Help from this tab page. By default, this property returns TabText.

public virtual void Initialize()

Perform any initialization required by your tab page when it is first opened.

public virtual void SetExpertMode(bool expertModeOn)

Make any required changes in your tab page's user interface based on whether WL8 Expert Mode is turned on or not.

public virtual string TabText

Override this property to return the text that should appear on the Preferences tool's tab for this page.