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Namespace: WealthLab.WPF

This interface allows WL8 to communicate with a chart in a ChildWindow instance. The WealthLab.WPF Chart class implements IChart. If you are implementing a ChildWindow in a Wealth-Lab extension, and it contains a chart, you can override the Chart property to return an instance of this interface.

void ChartThisSymbol(string symbol, DataSet ds)

WL8 calls this method when a user clicks a symbol in the DataSet tree. The parent DataSet is passed in the ds parameter.

void PushKey(Key key)

WL8 calls this when the chart is visible and the user presses a keystroke. The Chart class in WealthLab.ChartWPF implements this call by putting the character pressed into the symbol entry field, and handling other special keystrokes such as backspace, and control left/right arrow.