Concierge Support Services

Offering custom development services from the creators of WealthLab
Example 1
An Indicator Library that calculates a customized tangential angle
Client: "Awesome thanks. I'm sure this will be the first of many engagements!"
Example 2
A sophisticated Custom Strategy that uses a unique countdown to time trades
Client: "The things that this product can do never ceases to amaze me!"
Note: For standard support questions please contact support@wealth-lab.com.
What it Covers
Possible engagements can include, but are not limited to:
  • Custom Strategy Coding in C#
  • Expert Analysis or your Strategy, with recommendations for improvements
  • Development of custom Extension Plug-ins, you get full source code upon completion
  • In depth one-on-one mentoring and education on a specific topic
How it Works
Follow these simple steps ...
  • Email concierge@wealth-lab.com with a brief description of your needs
  • We'll evaluate the request, and let you know if it is something we are able to take on
  • If so, we'll send you an estimated number of hours to complete the project
  • If you give the green light, we develop the solution, then send you a trial version for your evaluation
  • Once you accept the work, we send you an invoice for payment
  • After payment is received, we send you all remaining artifacts of the engagement, including full source code if any
Rates and Payment Details
  • We will quote you an hourly rate, this rate is locked and won't change during the lifetime of the engagement
  • Note: The service rate for new engagements is subject to change based on demand, and is currently $100/hr
  • Upon your approval, we send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay via PayPal or any credit card
  • Alternate payment options, such as crypto transfers, can be discussed on an as-needed basis
Start an Engagement
Email concierge@wealth-lab.com with a brief description of your needs to start the process