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Namespace: WealthLab.Data
Parent: UserControl

The CustomSettingsPanel class allows Historical Data Provider extension authors to define their own configuration user interface for their Provider in the Data Manager.

public virtual string GetConfigFromUI

Override this method to return a single string that represents the configuration state of your CustomSettingsPanel user interface.

public ProviderBase Provider

Contains the instance of the DataProviderBase that instantiated this CustomSettingsPanel.

public ICustomSettingsHost SettingsHost

Returns an instance of the ICustomSettingsHost interface, which allows the CustomSettingsPanel to communicate back to the WL8 Data Manager when the user changes something in the user interface. Make this call whenever an input field in the CustomSettingsPanel UI is changed by the user.

public virtual void UpdateUIFromConfig(string config)

Overide thid method to take the incoming configuration string (config parameter) and populate the values of your CustomSettingsPanel user interface.