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Namespace: WealthLab.ChartWPF
Parent: Object

The Handle class is used to represent the handles of a chart drawing object. The user can typically grab a handle and drag it across the chart with the mouse.

public BarHistory Bars

Returns the BarHistory that is being charted in the chart that this drawing object is drawn on.

public DateTime DateTime

The date/time that this handle is pegged to within its source historical data.

public int Index

Returns the index into the BarHistory that this handle is pegged to. Because the user can chart a varying amount of the BarHistory data in a chart, the DateTime of the handle might not map to an index that is within the current range of data. If this is the case, Index will return -1.

public DrawingObjectBase Parent

Returns the chart drawing object (an instance of the DrawingObjectBase class) that this Handle belongs to.

public bool SnapToPrice

Indicates whether the handle should snap to the nearest open, high, low, or close price value in the chart as the user moves it with the mouse. If the drawing object was plotted on a pane other than the price pane, the handle will snap to the nearest TimeSeries plotted in that pane.

public double Value

The y-axis value of the handle.

public bool Visible

Indicates whether the handle should be rendered when the user moves the mouse over its drawing object.