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Namespace: WealthLab.WPF

This interface provides properties and methods that let you hook into the WL8 window that is hosting a child window, typically created by an extension.

void ActivateOrderManager()

Opens the WL8 Order Manager and brings it into focus.

public bool AllowAutoTrading

Returns true if the user has agreed to the Auto-Trading Agreement dialog window.

bool IsDarkTheme

Returns true if the currently selected WL8 Theme is a "dark" Theme.

void OpenQuotesWindow(SignalBlock sb)

Opens a new Quotes window, populated with price triggers in the SignalBlock instance provided in the sb parameter.

void OpenStrategy(Strategy s)
void OpenStrategy(SavedOptimizationResults sor)

Opens a new Strategy window. The first overload opens the Strategy specified in the s parameter. The second overload opens the saved optimization result instance specified in the sor parameter.

void PlaySound(string name)

Plays a named sound. Possible sound names are: Alarm, NewBar, OptimizationComplete, OrderFilled, Save, Signals.

void RefreshTheme(DependencyObject dobj)

Forces the Ligh/Dark Theme to refresh in the WPF control specified in the dobj parameter. You can call RefreshTheme to force a refresh after a UI control has changed dynamically via code.

void ShowDataManager(string pageName = null, string providerName = null)

Opens the WL8 Data Manager tool. Optionally selects the specified tab in the pageName parameter. If a Provider tab is specific, also optionally selects the Provider specified in the providerName parameter.

void ShowExtensionChildWindow(ChildWindow cw, string title, System.Drawing.Image glyph)

Opens the ChildWindow instance passed in the cw parameter, giving it the specified window title and the window icon specified in glyph.

void ShowHelpPage(string page)

Opens the WL8 Help File and navigates to the Help topic with the specified title in the page parameter.

void ShowIndicator(string abbr)

Open the WL8 Indicators page in the left navigation panel, and highlights the indicator specified in the abbr parameter.

void ShowPreferences(string pageName = null)

Causes the WL8 Preferences window to open and take focus.

void ShowQuickRefEntry(QuickRefEntry entry)
void ShowQuickRefEntry(string className, string itemName)
void ShowQuickRefClass(string className)

Opens the QuickRef pane in the left navigation panel, navigating to one of the entries based on the signature used and parameters supplied.

void ShowViewPage(string page)

Causes the left navigation pane in the main window to change to the view specified in page. Possible values are:

  • "DataSets"
  • "Indicators"
  • "Strategies"
  • "BuildingBlocks"
  • "QuickRef"