Change Log
Wealth-Lab 7 is continually evolving to add new features and enhancements based on user demand. Check back often to see what's new in the latest Build!

Build: 11
Released: 6/10/2021
  • Fixed a recent change that broke MetaStrategies, causing second and subsequent Strategies in the MetaStrategy to not return any results.
  • Added some internal references so the dynamic keyword can work in C# Coded Strategies.
  • Fixed copy to clipboard from Positions, also made Tag and Metastrategy columns hidden unless there's a tag/Strategy is Metastrategy.
  • Fix for Data Tool duplicate symbols if they have mixed cases.

Build: 10
Released: 6/3/2021
  • Overhauled MetaStrategy component calculations so Profit Curves now line up with overall Equity Curve.
  • Added ExecutionMode property to determine if the Strategy is running from a Strategy Window, Streaming Chart, Optimization, or Strategy Monitor.
  • You can now directly specify the broker account number to use in Streaming Chart windows and Quote windows.
  • You can now specify the broker and account directly in the Backtest window Signals tab.
  • Certain Indicators that "peek into the future" (namely, the Swing Indicators in the Community node) are flagged in the Indicator list.
  • Several miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

Build: 9
Released: 5/19/2021
  • Added elements of the WL6 Data Tool to Data Manager, DataSets tab:
    • Data Truncation
    • Inactive Symbols
    • Data Integrity
  • Added a custom built ScottPlot library to the distribution. This can be used to generate various charts and plots in memory, and render them to a chart using DrawImage and the new DrawImageAt.
  • Added MAE (Max Adverse Excursion) and MFE (Max Favorable Excursion) to Positions Performance Visualizer.
  • Fixed index out of range exceptions that sometime occurred in streaming charts with Strategies.
  • The Log Viewer will now show you a counter of the number of duplicate items logged, instead of logging numerous identical items.
  • Several other minor fixes and enhancements.

Build: 8
Released: 5/4/2021

The primary changes in Build 8 are not outwardly visible, but were required to support a number of Extension upgrades, and to support the upcoming NeuroLab Extension. Depsite this, there are still several notable changes:

  • Added Linear/Log option to Trendline Break Condition Building Block.
  • Exit Signals from NSF Positions are now flagged as such in the Signals list.
  • Corrected WealthData dividends that were not properly back-adjusted for splits.
  • Deleted Strategies will now be put into the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Several other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

Build: 7
Released: 4/20/2021
  • The Strategy Monitor has gone through a round of optimizations that should result in an order of magnitude performance gains.
  • Changed LastPosition to return the last Position, whether it's open or closed. Added LastOpenPosition to return the last open Position.
  • Created a new Advanced Strategy Settings area for advanced backtest settings that should be applied at a Strategy level and not globally.
  • Retain NSF Positions option has been moved from Backtest Preferences into Advanced Strategy Settings.
  • Added a new Advanced Strategy Setting, Granular Limit/Stop Processing, that lets you use intraday data to determine the precedence of limit/stop fills within a daily bar.
  • Added MACDClassic indicator.
  • Added Swing indicators to WealthLab.Community library.
  • Numerous miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

Build: 6
Released: 4/2/2021
  • Exposed new Chart Preferences for showing the Chart Status Bar, and controlling the auto-hide behavior of the Chart Toolbar.
  • DrawBarAnnotations now stacks properly if multiple annotations are drawn to the same bar.
  • Fixed issues in the ReverseFisher indicators.
  • Several other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

Build: 5
Released: 3/31/2021
  • Fixed an issue in Build 4 that prevented Building Block Strategies to work because of the removal of the Plot method.

Build: 4
Released: 3/30/2021
  • Added method PlotStopsAndLimits so you can visualize your stop/limit prices on the chart.
  • Added a search field in the QuickRef.
  • Added hotkey F5 to run a backtest.
  • Added optional paneTag parameter to PlotIndicator and PlotIndicatorLine to control where the indicators get plotted.
  • Removed deprecated Plot method, use the methods like PlotIndicator, PlotBarHistory, and PlotTimeSeries instead.
  • Added MFI, TradingDaysSince, and TradingDaysLeft indicators, and moved some more obscure indicators to the PowerPack extension.
  • Exposed Cursor Color (Vertical and Crosshair) as a new Chart Preference.
  • Metastock: fix for symbols with trailing spaces.
  • Yahoo: fix for partial bar missing in streaming.

Build: 3
Released: 3/23/2021
  • Added Building Blocks for Exiting using ATR-based Stop/Limits.
  • Added Sound Preferences to Preferences window.
  • Added ToMinute method to TimeSeriesCompressor, and fixed a bug in that method for BarHistoryCompressor.
  • Tabular Optimization Results can now push a set of parameter values to the other Optimization Visualizers.
  • One Parameter Graph Optimization Visualizer now works better with sparsely populated results.
  • Fixed exception that occurs when you disable a Transaction Weight Building Block.

Build: 2
Released: 3/15/2021
  • Shrinking Window and Exhaustive (non-Parallel) Optimizers now honor Optimization Variable on/off check-boxes.
  • Added One-Parameter Graph Optimization Result Viewer.
  • Optimization Surface Graph will now automatically default to the first actual set of recorded parameter values, especially helpful for non-Exhaustive optimizations.
  • Added option to create Building Block Strategies that maintain multiple open Positions.
  • Added new Commission type - Percent of Trade Value.
  • Added PlotBarHistoryStyle method so you can plot a BarHistory with a specific chart style in another pane.
  • GetHistory and GetHistoryUnsynched now have an optional dataSetName parameter, so you can specify a DataSet to use when requesting external data.
  • Fix: WL7 was experiencing issues when you write a very large number of strings to the Debug tab.
  • Fix: Transaction Weight Highest/Lowest was reversed.

Build: 1
Released: 3/9/2021
  • Welcome to Wealth-Lab 7!
  • Check back in this spot for details on new builds.