Where is my topic ?
Author: tradeoholic
Creation Date: 1/23/2014 4:51 AM
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I opened a new topic in this list an hour ago with the headline: Ranking stocks in a watch-list according to % performance , but the topic disappeared. What's the matter ? Has somebody deleted my topic ?
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We are very serious on always keeping the forum organized and accessible by:

* cleaning it from duplicate posts,
* renaming poorly named threads ("a wise man's question contains half of the answer"),
* appending superfluous new threads to "established" existing discussions,
* moving posts out of inappropriately chosen forum categories,
* deleting spam and banning spammers etc.

As you posted a highly specific WealthScript Translator related question under an inappropriate category ("Wealth-Lab 101", if memory serves), it was simply moved to the right one (and already answered):

Ranking stocks in a watch-list according to % performance during a given period

Hint: Should you have a "where did my post go" question next time, kindly consider one of the following 5 alternatives:

1. Open your user profile and see your posts
2. Browse the forum list and scan for your posts
3. Bookmark your posts after creation ("Options" > Bookmark this topic) and then visit My Dashboard to find them
4. Open the home page and notice it on "Recent Wealth-Lab Contributions" widget
5. Use Most Recent Posts view to quickly screen for the last forum posts

P.S. Actually, this thread is also being seated incorrectly under "Wealth-Lab 101" and shortly will go under the "Wealth-Lab Site" category. For proper targeting of one's post, he/she can see the descriptions of forum categories HERE.
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