Ranking stocks in a watch-list according to % performance during a given period
Author: tradeoholic
Creation Date: 1/23/2014 3:19 AM
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could somebody help me ? I would like to write a script that scans through a watchlist on every stock and counts the % performance betwenn two given time on a one minute chart. At first I enter the start and end time minute based (mm.dd.yyyy / hh:mm) then the script counts and ranks the stocks according to their % performance in this period and writes it to an exel file ranked with the performance value. Is it possible to give different background colour to minus and plus performance in the exel cells ?
I wrote something simlilar script, but it doesn't work for me.

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It's not necessarily a good idea to start learning Wealth-Lab 6 scripting with the help of WealthScript Translator. It's unsupported, and it's a pain to extend its output code because "pure" WealthScript doesn't mix up good with WSTL-interprted code.

Next, why use Excel if almost anything can be achieved right in Wealth-Lab (just ask)? For example, what you've been doing is essentially plotting the rate of change, isn't it? Then you could start with a tried design pattern and fine tune it to your needs (again, just ask):

Indicators | How to Plot ROC of multiple symbols on same chart
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