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Trade Duration

  • Minutes
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

Signal Publishing

  • 1-hr before NYSE
  • 2-hrs before NYSE
  • 2-hrs after NYSE
  • Between 2-hrs after & 2-hrs before
  • .5 hrs before NYSE
Self-Traded Model Account Size Estimate # of Trades
,000 USD per week
Best description Margin factor
Sandbox System

Your system will be private. A sandbox system can be converted into a commercial system at any time.


Subscriber Network
  • $1 one-time posting fee
  • Min. subscription fee per month $50
  • Our fee is 20% of the subscriptions you collect. (See WealthSignals Beta Notice)
Fee per month min. $50 USD
Free Trial Days
Max. # of Subscribers

Name your system well!

Subscribers will find and later identify your trading system by the name you give it here. Carefully choose a name up to 150 characters... more long (alphanumerics, spaces, and hyphens allowed). A short "catchy" name that characterizes the system's trading style is ideal. hide

Provide a detailed description!

Discuss your methodology for developing the system, how you tested it, the DataSet (S&P 100, Dow 30, etc.) ... more and data range used, the position sizing model and suggested minimum account size, expected (average) trade length, effect of commissions and dividends, etc.. Comment on back test performance and if you're trading it with your own account! Giving as much information as possible without revealing your system's trading edge will convey more confidence in system. hide

Signal Publishing

Remember no signals can be published intra-day! As the author of income generating TS, your clients, i.e. subscribers need to know when to expect your signals on a regular basis.

Sandbox or Subscriber Network?

The Sandbox is free, and it´s the perfect place to learn how to use WealthSignals and do hypothetical ... more End of Day trading. The Subscriber Network requires Authors to go through our Payment Gateway, although, we do have a 6 mo. trial so there will be no charge at this time. In order to start accepting subscribers, Authors are required to upload a backtest and pass our probationary period where they must not break our 2-day rule. hide

Upload Backtest and Signals from Wealth-Lab Software

Use Wealth-Lab client software to upload your system strategy´s backtest (required for all trading systems in the Subscriber Network) by installing the WealthSignals ... more Publisher (Extension). Also use it to automate the process of placing your daily WealthSignals alerts. For more details, go to the WealthSignals Publisher doc on the Wiki. hide

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