Automated Trading
You've developed and backtested a strategy that works, now it's time for the real battle with Mr. Market. Let Wealth-Lab trigger your strategies' trades using real time data and fully automate order placement with any of several live brokerage connections that we offer.
Price Triggers
Trade dip-buyer systems by monitoring hundreds of symbols. Wealth-Lab will trigger and automatically stage or place your order at the right time - just before or precisely when the order can be filled.
Streaming Charts
Concentrate on a few (or even a few dozen instruments) by running strategies in Streaming charts. Pick your time interval for Wealth-Lab execute your strategy and place your orders with minimal delay (less than 1 second).
Strategy Monitor
For the most demanding workloads, employ the Strategy Monitor to trade one more daily or intraday strategies on entire DataSets in realtime!
Order Manager
Wealth-Lab Order Manager keeps your orders organized for status monitoring and manual actions. Connect to multiple brokers simultaneously and seamlessly. Filter orders by strategy.