the best way to store data with certain symbols
Author: BostonFern123
Creation Date: 2/8/2010 2:48 AM
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I would like to have some predefined numbers associated with certain symbol. For example, I want to have the number 1, 343 associated with IBM, and have the program to pull out the 2 numbers easily.

At this moment, I think I can put them in a flat ascii file, and have the program to read the file. But I would like to double check with the experts here... Is there a better way to store predefined number besides flat files?

Thank you for answering.

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Thinking out loud: saving it with Bars.Tag won't work; associating it with Bars.SymbolInfo is unfortunately not an option... Perhaps the easiest way is to save it externally (CSV file, SQLite etc.) and have a Strategy read the value.

If your values are static, it makes sense to save the code that pulls them out in default Strategy template - to be available in any newly created Strategy. Or have a dedicated Strategy saved in Default workspace read them and put in Wealth-Lab's global memory once per session to minimize disk operations.
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