Author: pfelix
Creation Date: 8/15/2008 10:14 AM
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I have 2 questions concerning the Y-Axis.

1. Is is possible to format the Y-Axis. Currently I have a 2 pane chart. The PricePane has a stock that is priced at 23 dollars. The 2nd pane plots an index at around 11,600. The 2nd pane's y-axis is formatted like; 11.64K. Can I change this to read in this format; 11,645.23?

2. Is is possible to change the Y-Axis to percent change. I would like to plot two series on the price pane which have very different close values (such as an index and a stock). Percent change would enable the two series to plot well together. I do see that it is possible to alter the data series values directly which seems to make it possible to do some fancy math tricks to work this out programatically, but I would rather not go down that road. One problem with changing the series values is that the streaming bar would not be changed until after it closes.

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Make it 3 questions...

3. When I plot a series on a second pane and set the chart to streaming I do not get a streaming value for this second series. Is there a way to enable this? Also, when the 2nd series updates my chart momentarily turns black (maybe for 1/2 of a second). Is this due to the time it takes to pull the last bar of data and plot it? How would you recommend fixing this issue?

Thanks again,
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1. Anything's possible, but you won't like the answer of how to do it. (Create a chart style, turn off the grid lines, and put any numbers in the y-axis that you want.)

Nonetheless, the request doesn't make "practical sense" to me. The grid lines, and hence their values, are automatically placed on even tens, hundreds, etc. depending on the range. You'd only be changing something like 11.64K to 11,640.00. Does that seem practical to you?

Something that's missing for PlotSymbol, however, is the tick showing the final closing value (already identified as a low-priority issue).

2. Click the Semi-Log button in the Chart toolbar; just to the right of the chart style selections. If that's not what you were asking for, and you really want "percent change", then just create two plots of the ROC.Series indicator.

3. The ghost bar is available only for the primary chart. The momentary flash of a black is a low-priority issue that should eventually get worked, but it's just not a big enough fish to fry right now.
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Thanks for the responses, Cone.

1. I understand you point, but with the current format (11.64K) indicated as last price in the Y-Axis I do not have any indication if the actual price is 11,643.12 or 11.6499.99 without hovering the mouse over the last bar.

2. Semi-Log does not get the job done when looking at a 1-minute chart with small changes. I'll take a look at the ROC.Series.

3. Got it. Thanks.
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I do not have any indication if the actual price is

That's just what I said. See "Something that's missing..."
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