Workspace reopens with Daily scale instead of the saved scale (Hourly)
Author: 4estCapital
Creation Date: 11/27/2015 6:04 AM
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I have one workspace saved where by:
- there are certain strategies open
- and certain parameters are set on the left-hand size box (the most relevant is the Scale)
- and the scale for all of the strategies in this workspace is "60 minute".

So here is the issue:
- I set the strategies, one by one.
- the scale is set as "60 minutes" for each of these strategies.
- I save all of these strategies, one by one, while the scale is 60 minutes.
- I also save the workspace while all strategies are saved (with a scale of 60 minutes).
- I close the workspace.
- I exit the wealthlab.
- I launch the wealthlab.
- I launch the workspace.
- And, the scale of each of the stragies is set as daily by the software (despite the fact that they are all saved with a scale of 60 minutes)

- What might be the issue here? Is there anyway to "save the scale" as well for the workspace?
- Is there any setting that let me choose the 60-minutes as the default scale rather than the daily (for the workspaces in general)?

I also edited the file from the notepad, and interestingly, the scale is correctly stated as 60-minute on this file. Still, the workspace comes with a daily scale (which it should not be) when I launch it.

How can I proceed?

Thanks in advance guys,

Aykut Saribiyik

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Hi Aykut,

I positively am unable to reproduce this no matter how I tried before: Keyboard Shortcut for Changing Scale of a Chart Window? I'm myself a heavy user of multiple workspaces with at least 4 bar scales in them and I never experienced the bug. Here's a couple of suggestions to aid in your own troubleshooting:

1. Most likely, "Save the following items... Data scale" is activated in Wealth-Lab's Preferences > Advanced Options. This should be left depressed for testing purposes.
2. You might also want to delete if it exists.
3. Don't forget that Scale is applicable to chart, not in MSB mode. Expect the scale to be restored in single symbol mode.
4. At any rate, I suggest that you experiment with other strategies (or you may save a copy under a new name).
5. Experiment with the number of workspaces you open and the order they're being closed.
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