Will There be a code conversion utility to convert
Author: gardnerschool
Creation Date: 7/18/2008 11:46 PM
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I was wondering if there is a code conversion utility
that will take version 4 code and change it to the
new C# style version 5 code

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Please ask Fidelity.
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In reading the FAQ, it does appear that one is being built. What's the status of this effort? Is there an ETA?

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What's the status of this effort? Is there an ETA?

The free conversion tool sponsored by Fidelity would be a separate tool developed by a third party. (source)

Fidelity doesn't publish release dates. (source)
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I was told November 2008 by WealthLab support at Fidelity.
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Thanks for giving a heads up, Glen.
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Is the coding used on wld 4 the same as in 5, and if no to you that is good in this coding do you think it simpler the version 4 ?.
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I'd like not to go all over it again since it was already widely discussed. In brief, there's no groundbreaking change when you move to C# to code a Strategy in WL5. When you know enough WealthScript, it's mainly a question of getting used to the new .NET syntax. The coding is simpler than before because .NET provides you with a tremendous class library that contains many methods helpful in different situations.
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