Why would Data Manager not download and update any data?
Author: KEVINP
Creation Date: 9/24/2015 1:00 AM
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My WLPro was shut down all day. I just launched WLPro, and ran the update DataSets in the Data Manger, but not a single bar got updated for 23 SEP 2015. I don't recall this happening before. Why would this happen? Is it a glitch with my data provider Fidelity? Should I just try again tomorrow?
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Okay please disregard; Data Manager is now updating. It must be some temporary glitch.
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That sometime happened with WLP's Fidelity static data. Have you tried restarting it before trying again?

In case someone else stumbles onto this thread. I recall another possible scenario with some MS123 data providers: you create a DataSet by a provider for the first time and try to "Update All Data" right on. With some providers, this would result in no data downloaded. AFAIR, the workaround here is either to update the DataSet first.
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This issue is twofold:

1. A limitation/issue in Wealth-Lab that affects FRED, Dukascopy, Quandl and Google providers. However, it's pretty easy to work around on our end. A fix is coming in next extension update (2017.04).

2. There's an intermittent issue in Fidelity data like KEVINP experienced. You know it's it when "Update all data" suddenly fails for the Fidelity static provider.
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After the last WLP update to 6.9.16, Data Manager no longer updates my datasets from Fidelity.
Always only updates 1 dataset ticker AAPL 1-min data then stops. Its does not update other symbols in 1-min dataset, or other data sets.

Also, WLP no longer updates "Data On Demand" interaday data for TQQQ, VXX, etc. This causes strategys to fail. No problems with older WLP releases. (See attached image file)

Can I roll back to an earlier version of WLP to fix this issue for now?

Are there other work-arounds like rebuilding the datasets?

After some testing it appears that it is a (reverse) stock splits that causes updates to fail:
Processing 2:1 Stock Split for TQQQ ... (1-Min)

I deleted the 1-min data set and update proceeded on 15-Min data until it hit:
Processing 2:1 Stock Split for TQQQ ... (15-Min)

Then it too stopped. Failing to update the rest of the tickers and datasets after the (reverse stock/ETF split)

Thank you,

Update LOGs

Updating Provider Fidelity Investments ...
Updating 1 Minute data ...
AAPL 1267767 bars 4/12/2017 12:07 PM 8 bars added in 5 chunks
Processing 2:1 Stock Split for TQQQ ... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FAILS
Provider update complete for Fidelity Investments

Update completed (5.909 sec)
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This is a well known bug (to be fixed). Please check out the Open Issues list for 4 workarounds:

Open Issues > Data > Fidelity data can not be updated except for X minute

As you can see, this Wiki page (and others) can be very helpful in troubleshooting many typical issues and scenarios.
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Thanks so much!

I'll bookmark and check these Wiki page(s) 1st, next time.
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Good news. This issue ("WL will only update N minute Fidelity data") is finally fixed:

Wealth-Lab Pro (07/10/2019) Update
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