Why code using AlertByEmail takes a long time to execute?
Author: maximgl
Creation Date: 8/12/2018 11:03 PM
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I am trying to implement email functionality within my strategy to send emails only when running in StrategyMonitor and I am using something like this:
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When running such code in Strategy mode (not in optimization or monitor) on Daily scale and about 200 tickers takes quite a long time. Commenting out param.SendEmail line significantly improves the speed. Why is this happening?

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Hi Maxim,

Since the code in question should not run in Strategy Window mode at all, the only reasonable explanation might be having On Demand Data Update enabled.

A side note:

1. At any rate it's under your control. Follow suggestion in this FAQ: Is there a way to profile Wealth-Lab 6 Strategies i.e. measure application/script performance?

2. In some cases, an overhead could be caused by using System.Reflection but not in your case I think.

3. Per se, sending email implies a big time penalty. Sending 200 emails in a row in a sequential manner (or you risk getting banned by the SMTP server for concurrent connections - this may be treated like a form of spam abuse) should take minutes. If the SMTP isn't some paid service I'd even insert a delay between the calls!

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