Where to download older version of WL (Downgrade)
Author: Jinye
Creation Date: 6/16/2014 4:50 PM
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I have been using XP with WL for a long time. One dasy I was prompted to update and I said yet. I downloaded and install the new version, but WL keeps crashing. Later on I found the new version does not work on the XP. I lost my old version of the installer and I want to get it back. I will update my PC to Win7, but not right now. Please help.

I am in Californina and I have an acocunt with Fidelity for a long time.
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XP is not supported. Indeed, there's no mention of XP in WLP 6.7 system requirements on Fidelity's website.

To downgrade, uninstall 6.7, and then click through the cached installation files to find the desired MSI file:

in XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\[user who installed]\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Downloaded Installations

in Vista/Win7/Win8
C:\Users\[user who installed]\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\
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Thanks, I got what I need.

You are great, as usual.

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when i open this in Vista ( C:\Users\[user who installed]\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\). The folder is empty.
What can I do?
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Yes, the folder is empty but there is one (or more) subfolder(s). Open them and note the file(s) named "Wealth-Lab Developer 6.msi" and/or "Wealth-Lab Developer 6 (x64).msi". This is the installation package. Start them one by one and note which version is installed until it indicates previous version (i.e. 6.6).
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Wealth lab it works.

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Hi Eugene,

Per your response to my support ticket I followed the instructions above to replace WLP version 21 with the previous version. I took the following steps:

a) Opened File Explorer in my Windows 10 OS.

b) Went to the folder: This PC > Windows(c:) > Users > ("User name who installed )> AppData >Local > Downloaded Installations > (subfolder with long alpha numeric name).

I had two folders: one with version 21 and the other with older version. Through process of elimination found the correct one and installed the file within.

After installation I ran it and got the login screen for the older version, which was the good news. The bad news is that it asked me to acknowledge a Nasdaq user agreement, after opening a PDF file, which I did. It asked me to restart WLP but unfortunately it is asking me again to acknowledge the agreement. Went through this cycle a couple of more times but I cannot get past this point. Do you know how to get past this issue?

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Hi Anish,

The gotcha here is that folder keeps new installations. The minor build updates that WLP gets itself when upgrading are not cached. And the unfortunate issue with Nasdaq agreement indicates that your saved build is apparently older than 6.9.20. You're out of luck because all previous builds have stopped working:

WLP Endless loop for NASDAQ real-time quotes
Review/Update Real-Time Quotes Subscriber Status, post #2
Nasdaq Agreement

No workarounds. If you don't keep a backup of 6.9.20 then sorry but I've got nothing to add.
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I recently attempted to login using version .19. I could not login successfully due to the Nasdaq agreement loop. I searched the forum and discovered this problem was corrected in version .20. I went to the Fidelity website and downloaded the installer. I removed version .19 using Windows' Add/Remove Program feature and installed version .21. However, when launching the program and entering my credentials, I received the following error: ""Log in failure: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I'm guessing this may be caused by 2FA on my account.

Unfortunately, I never downloaded version .20, so I don't have a copy of the installer. Ideally, I'd like to roll back to this version and see if I can login. Any ideas?
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Below please find temporary direct links to WLP 6.9.20:


At this moment (October 27, 2019) they point to build .20 but whenever .22 comes out they'll be overwritten with .21 so grab them while they last! ;)

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Thank you, very helpful.
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Glad I could be of assistance.
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I assume the links are no longer to 6.9.20.
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Yes, that's right.
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