Review/Update Real-Time Quotes Subscriber Status
Author: dmking99
Creation Date: 7/31/2019 4:15 PM
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Recently when I try to open WLP I get a window regarding Review/Update Real-Time Quotes Subscriber Status.

When I click on the PDF I get a script error and can't open the link, therefore can't start WLP or update it.

I found the RT Quote Subscriber agreement on, was able to read the PDF and was able to Update for RTQuotes.

I use Windows 10
Firefox as the browser

Don't have Edge or Internet explorer installed on my system.

This is annoying, so how do I fix this problem?

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It's always a good idea to check out the Most Recent posts or even search the forum. There's a chance that an issue you're having is known. This is exactly the case here:

WLP asks to sign a real time data agreement which blocks the login
Nasdaq Agreement

Bottom line -- the only solution is to:

1. Uninstall Wealth-Lab Pro 6.9.19, and,
2. Re-install the latest version 6.9.20 from
3. Reinstall Wealth-Lab Extensions

Note that 6.9.20 has some Editor-related issues. Make sure you've read this:

List of WLP Issues and Fixes
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Heat of battle. But, Doh!!!
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P.S. It's important not to upgrade 6.9.20 (but uninstall old / install new) because of:

WLP (07/10/2019) Update
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