WealthSignals is moving!
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 12/18/2018 10:03 PM
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We've been working hard behind the scenes to enhance the WealthSignals experience. With more strategies, charting, faster signal response for authors, and loads of other new features, we hope you'll like it!

We've copied the public systems from the TSSN to the new site and have been duplicating the signals there for several weeks. WealthSignals authors (for TSSN public systems) who haven't created an account at our beta site should check their spam folders for messages and follow the instructions there. If you didn't get a message, please create a support ticket.

We've created accounts using your wealth-lab.com username with a random password for all current subscribers at the new site. To gain access, simply navigate to https://www.wealthsignals.com and click the "Forgot Password" link and follow instructions to set your new password.

After 21 December, we will cancel all recurring subscriptions with our current payment provider, SWReg. The remaining days of your monthly subscription will be available there and you'll be notified by email to re-subscribe with our new payment provider, Stripe, which will be a new and streamlined experience.

The next 10 days will be a transition period and you'll be able to monitor strategies in both locations. On 29 December, WealthSignals on wealth-lab.com will be decommissioned and all signaling will only be available at the new wealthsignals.com site.
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Dave B.


As a general question, will the "new and improved" WealthSignals be open to system publishers using other software (commercial or custom)?

By this I mean is the goal of WealthSignals to become more open like Collective2?

Could the trading signal and performance data requirements be met with other software?

I might be willing to do a little work on my end...

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Dave, we plan to open up the WS2 API to upload the performance data and trading signals by other software.
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Is there a list of new features or differences with the previous service ?
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WS2 is a new platform built from scratch. It'd be quite an effort to come up with the list as years of work are involved into the WS2 development. So let me cover just some highlights:

1. In the first place, it's a totally new visual experience built on the modern stack of technology. The new site is interactive and responsive:


2. Everything got more informative and interactive now: the signal emails, the Dashboard capabilities and so forth. There are new pages that give you an outlook of your signals etc.:


3. After subscribing to a system its performance is broken into 3 phases: research (backtest), out of sample, and the results of your own trading.

4. New performance metrics have been added such as volatility, winning/losing months, average trade/month, max exposure, best/worst months.

5. You can execute a WS system on a security. The chart is interactive, with WL-like trade lines - like this:


6. Now that we've finished migration to the new payment gate (Stripe), WealthSignals authors will soon enjoy improved withdrawals. Bonus: Wealth-Lab Developer customers will get their purchases and maintenance renewals processed instantly!

7. Last but not least, the issue that had bugged some system authors and you in WS1 was resolved: How market orders are prioritized in WS? No more insufficient cash problem that might affect some market entry orders.
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Thank you very much Eugene.

Do you think that it will be possible to publish Weekly and monthly trading strategies without to push every days a "no signal today" ?
We are not all day traders ;-)
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Alexandre, the most important people (your subscribers) do not expect a week (let alone a month) of silence from you. They will get nervous, attack the forum and maybe even unsubscribe. For their subscription fee, they prefer to be sure that you're alive and kicking. So it's not a big deal to claim NST every day with one push of the button. ;)
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Dave B.

The old website had a column labeled "Watchers". I was never sure of the definition.

Would it be possible to add a column that displayed the number of "Paid Subscribers"? I would think a running total of paid subscribers would be a great incentive to potential system publishers by showing them the benefits of joining WealthSignals, as well as to potential subscribers to see which systems are receiving the most attention.

Also, would it be possible to add a metric column of the MAR ratio? I find this metric invaluable in comparing and ranking systems in a profit vs risk manner.

Just some thoughts.
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This thread is just for announcement. For any feedback and feature requests, please sign up at the new website. Thank you.
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Dave B.

Tried with my Wealth-Lab login and it didn't work.

Tried to create a new account and it said I already had a login.

1. Are our Wealth-Lab logins valid at the new site?
2. Can our logins be the same at both sites?
3. The requirement for digits etc. is not met in my Wealth-Lab login (which works at the Wealth-Lab site) but isn't allowed at the new site.
4. Maybe some guidance on this for all.

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Wealth-Lab login will not work (it's a different website) and logins with dots (like "Dave B.") are not permitted. For any login issues please contact the webmaster directly at support@wealthsignals.com
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Cone, thanks for transitioning to this new format. Eugene, I'm sure that the effort was years in undertaking.

But I would prefer to leave Watchers vs Subscribers and/or Paying Subscribers. So just leave the watchers as a new feature and do not show paid subscription levels of any system.
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"Watchers" never made a lot of sense and so this number will not return. Let's avoid the information overload.

As a reminder, this thread is for announcements only and not for feedback which you all are welcome to leave on the new website. Today we're going to make some noise with regard to the WS Publisher.
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WealthSignals Publisher v2019.01 is out!

As WealthSignals has moved to the new domain wealthsignals.com, this update is mandatory to all WealthSignals authors. The old WSP will stop working.

After updating the extension and restarting WLP/D, run your script, click the WealthSignals tab and enter your username and password from wealthsignals.com into the Setup dialog of the new WSP (see link below). Then click the Refresh button and select your system from the dropdown box. If desired, check the options for "Flatten Alerts" and "Sync Exit Size", and then Save. You're now ready to post signals to wealthsignals.com!

Key changes:

* New: WealthSignals API v2 support
* New: "Sync Exit Shares" option
* New: Avoid duplicate signal placement (warning on publish attempt after successful publishing)
* New: Added new performance metrics for the backtest performance report (Volatility, Max exposure, Max DD % Date...)
* Change: "Fix orphaned positions" renamed to "Sync positions"
* Change: Change of wording for the "Sync positions" message
* Change: Allow publishing signals up to 9:30am
* Fix: Strategies that loop by DataSetSymbols (like Symbol Rotation strategies) are now compatible with 'Show estimated buying power'

For a detailed description of the new features see:

WealthSignals Publisher
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