Wait condition for entry
Author: mgreco19
Creation Date: 7/28/2017 8:07 PM
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Is it possible to have a condition that says after a new 52 week high is reached to wait for a pullback to the 20 SMA and then enter the position?
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Although Rule-based Strategies aren't prepared for exactly this scenario, in code it's of course possible:

ActiveTrader 2012-03 | Big Move, Pullback and Continutation system

Further reading:

Tutorial: Setups, Triggers, Delays, and Timeout
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Anything is possible! The question is, "how do you code it". Since the requirements are vague, I'll assume you're only interested in the first pullback to the 20 SMA. So, once the SMA 20 is breached after a 52-week high, we'll ignore the condition until a new 52-week high occurs.

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