WSP: Orphaned positions feature
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 5/9/2013 6:27 AM
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A new feature in the WealthSignals Publisher 2013.05: detecting, highlighting and fixing Orhpaned Positions.

For an extensive description, please see the online guide:

WealthSignals Publisher :: Orphaned positions
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Thanks, but I'd like to know a little more.

My daily procedure goes like this...
1. At 4:30 each trading day, WLP Strategy Monitor runs all my strategies, including my Wealth Signals strategies.
2. I look at the alerts from Strategy Monitor, to determine Wealth Signals action.
3. If a strategy has alerts, I open it in a strategy window, rerun it, and post the alerts from the WealthSignals tab
4. (Here might be an issue) If a strategy has no alerts from the Strategy Monitor run, I simply open it on any symbol, click the WealthSignals tab and click "NST".

Finally to my question... Will my step 4 procedure cause WealthSignals Publisher to think all my open positions are orphans because I didn't run the strategy on the whole portfolio?

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What you're doing will work fine. NST (No Signals Today) is with respect to the Strategy, not any particular symbol. You can also enter NST from the website page.
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