Virtual Private Server and WL licence
Author: barbier
Creation Date: 8/25/2012 11:30 AM
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I would like to rent a Virtual Private Server on the cloud,it provides more power and Internet speed than a personal PC at home. A VPS is not attached to a physical server, several VPS share the same physical server; additionnaly if the server fails, the administrator moves your VPS to another physical server transparently for you.
but what about the WealthLab licence ?
as far as I know, WLab checks a hardware key, so a WL licence is linked to a physical PC.
is it possible to run WLab6 on a VPS ?
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I think it's possible.
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Is there any further information available on running WL on Amazon EC2 or another cloud hosted Server?
Is there an application note of any sort available?
Thank you
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Many a Wealth-Lab user run the product on their VPS servers around the world daily. What specific information do you need?
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It turned out to be very straight forward.

I used Windows 2012 64-bit Server on an m1.xlarge instance in order to get 15GBytes Memory. This instance gives plenty of processing and network speed. I found the free instance memory footprint was too small for Wealth Lab and my needs.

If anyone has a better service recommendation that is robust, reliable, and low cost, then please let me know.

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