Using GICS encoding to prevent Pharma Trades
Author: tedclimo
Creation Date: 2/6/2011 3:12 PM
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Robert's recent ActiveTrader article "Buy High / Sell Higher" is what motivated this posting.

Point is,
We all know that Pharma is inherently dangerous. Drug trials can cause equities to Drop/Pop 30% in a nano-second.

My question is....
What is the simplest way to EXCLUDE an equity belonging to a specific GICS code????

In this case, I want to avoid all stocks in GICS Industry Group (code 3520)-- Pharma

For interested observers,
GICS categories can be located at
10 Sectors(2 digits)
24 Industry Groups(4 digits)
68 Industries(6 digits)
154 Sub-Industries (8 digits)

So my question again, this.... What is easiest way to exclude GICS codes...
PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESPONSE SUCH THAT "Average Joe" can exclude Sectors/Industry Groups/Industries/Sub-Indisdustries.

This is not just for me to remove Pharma,... This is for anyone who wants to include/exclude based on Sectors/Industry Groups/Industries/Sub-Industries.

Thanks in advance,

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Go to and click on the link to GICS under "Index Resources". Expand "GICS Map" and click the link for your language. In the Excel sheet that pops up, you'll see that you may want to exclude Industry Group "Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences" - code "3520".

Just add this to the top of the script so that it doesn't run on symbols in 3520.

Please log in to see this code.
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Just a note - this is for Wealth-Lab Pro only; Developer doesn't seem to have a GICS class.
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Developer doesn't have the feature/provider to download GICS data that the class is designed to work with. But it's a good point :)
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Thanks guys.
For the particular model I wanted this for, Turns out my Fundamental(s) filters had already weeded out potentially risky Pharma trades.
Still, GICS is a fantastic technique for filtering sectors, etc....
As demonstrated in latest ActiveTrader Mag article.
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