To all the iPad users out there
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 9/26/2011 5:06 PM
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User hlh reports that he "cannot post messages here from iPad". Do other iPad users have this problem? Has anyone else tried?
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Posted from my ipad.
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Thanks Dave. Judging by this overwhelming response, iPads must not be as popular as they say they are - at least not with us stay-at-home traders :)
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Thank's for checking! Maybe it is because I am using Atomic Browser (if that's the name; can't look right now, my wife is plying Angry Birds)?

Anyway. The iPad was the very first real tablet on the marktet and I got and used it the very first day it was available. Almost no day I do not use it for browsing and reading and working/trading: I installed VNC to access my computers and can work on good old Windows apps like Excel and monitor my trading programs.

Was my very first and probably remains my very last Apple product due to Apple's ridiculous restrictions and non existing file system etc. but I have to say the hardware (and also the gimmicks) works great. No need to stay at home for trading anymore - like today nicely checking my trading PCs while sitting in a Viennese Cafe without having to schlep a heavy notebook (running annoying fans) or over a smart-phone too small in terms of screen size. Instant Internet, all my books, editors with large enough on-screen keyboards and that everywhere in the house and when outside, tablets are great. As soon as I find an excuse for myself, I am going to buy one of those Android tablets too.
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