Subscriptions not working for me
Author: DartboardTrader
Creation Date: 6/17/2013 5:47 PM
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Subscribing to a system is not working. Press Subscribe. A position/account sizing dialog appears. Enter a value and continue.

Expected result: access to open positions and current signals.

Actual result: Open positions and current signals remain locked. The "Start Watching" button appears, although it was already on my watchlist.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?
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We'll take a look.

Note that due to an unexpected setback with setting up payment processing, we're about a week, maybe two behind coming out of beta. When the payment system is in place, the process of subscribing will change and we'll make sure that it works before putting it in place.
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Just checked: subscribing to a system works for me. Please clear your browser's cache and retry.

If that didn't help, update your browser to the latest version (what's your browser?) and also try from a different browser (any effect?).
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