Sorting in column "Signal Name"
Author: fred9999
Creation Date: 10/16/2009 8:36 AM
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This is a bug? In the table "Alerts" in windows "Strategy Monitor" and "Strategy Backtesting" in a column "Signal Name" the data (for example in strategy A Seventeen Liner etc) are sorted without consideration minus values and marks of division. That is approximately so:

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No, this is not a bug. It's the result of string-based sorting. The "Signal Name" column can contain values of type string (see: Position.SignalName in the QuickRef), so for strings, this order is natural.

Typically, assigning various numbers to the SignalName property (and in "A Seventeen Liner", in particular) is used to output position priority. For backtesting windows, we created a workaround -- a performance visuailizer that extends the built-in Trades tab and makes possible to sort by priority as numbers, not text:

Trades list with Priority and Multi-Column Sort

You can download it from this site (click Extensions > Addins > MS123 Visualizers). See the User Guide on installing and working with Extensions, and enable the downloaded visualizer in Preferences.

P.S. It's not practical to modify the order of sorting of the Signal Name column in our visualizer to "numeric", as this most likely would affect sorting of strings.

P.P.S. No workaround available for the Strategy Monitor tool, though.
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Thank for the answer. Simply in old versions WLD 3 and 4 was an opportunity of sorting in column "Signal Name", therefore and has decided that it is a bug :)
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And still without an opportunity of sorting there are inconveniences for trade of strategy with a priority.
For example, that wrote Cone concerning trade on system A Seventeen Liner

Wealth-Lab 4 » ChartScripts » A seventeen-liner

6/13/2007 4:06 PM

You can follow the priority scheme with live trading by sorting the Scan or $imulator Alerts by the SignalName by clicking the column header. Choose the orders with the highest priority until you run out of cash.
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The visualizer above should be just what doctor ordered for Priority sorting in strategy windows, but things have to stay as they are for the Strategy Monitor :(
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