Show Local Times Button
Author: mtowle
Creation Date: 12/6/2017 6:15 PM
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When the Show Local Times button is pressed it shows local times in the upper pane but in the Alerts pane it still shows EST. Can this be changed so it is more congruent? If a button says Show Local Times it's not confusing if it shows the local times on all panes that are visible on the form that the button is on.
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As per the User Guide (Strategy Monitor > Strategy Pane > Show Local Times):

By default, Last/Next Run times are displayed in the market's time zone. If you trade multiple world markets or don't live in the market's time zone, Show Local Times will display Last/Next Run times in your computer's local time zone for better situational awareness.

Since it doesn't mention the Alerts panel I'm afraid this is by design and cannot be changed.
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