Setting up email Alerts: what are SMTP host and port for Gmail?
Author: eleeo234
Creation Date: 7/9/2018 11:12 PM
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New to Wealth-Lab. I'm trying to set up email alerts from a strategy I set up. In "preferences" it asks about SMTP Host and SMTP Port. I want the alerts to come to a gmail account. Where would I find SMTP Host and SMTP Port?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome aboard.

Where would I find SMTP Host and SMTP Port?

You would find them in Google. Search for "gmail smtp" and here they are:

What Are the Gmail SMTP Server Settings?

Often times questions like this have been discussed before and answers can be found as you type a few keywords in the "Search Forum..." text box. Just give it a try by typing in "email" in the search box and you get related discussions in real time. For example, you might find this thread useful as a 'guided tour':

Email setup not connecting

Also, we have a Knowledge Base (Wealth-Lab Wiki) which may also come in handy. Here's one extra step required by Google to take:

Crash on sending email alerts to Gmail. Test mail doesn't go through.
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Thank you! Great information. That worked. I'll check out the other links.
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At your service.
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