Real-time support
Author: tedpenner
Creation Date: 1/18/2017 4:22 PM
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I need someone to work with me in teamviewer for a short time most days at 3:30pm central time or after.

Would it be possible to find someone here to work with?
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A big reason we use the forum and have a Ticket Center is because we at are on the "other side of pond", so 3:30 CST is late here!

You do have the option to call Fidelity Active Trader and WL Pro support to speak to a U.S.-based support rep. Maybe they can help?
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Yeah but they won't provide any syntax assistance, much less real-time collaboration.

It would be nice if the forum had scheduling feature where I could pay to schedule a skype call let's say, with an individual. I'm thinking 5 minute increments at an agreed upon price.

That would give people like me the ability to have someone look on and help me in brief 5 minute or less increments. What do you think?

Could I schedule something like that with you?
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