R3 Strategy: Testing results: $0.00?
Author: icandoit
Creation Date: 8/16/2011 5:36 PM
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Hello Eugene:

I was very excited to find the code, "R3 Strategy". I just skim thru the book, "High Probility ETF Trading" by Larry Connors and was intersted in TPS. I was wondering how I am going to test this strategy and realized that Fidelity offers Wealth-lab. So I downloaed Wealth-lab an hour ago, browsing around, I found your code! OMG... I copied your code and got a "compiled successfully". Tested few symbols, but the results were zero profits, yet B&H numbers were huge...What am I doing wrong?

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Hello Sydney,

I don't know what you can be doing wrong, and am used to dislike guesswork. Please follow the checklist in "How to report a Problem?" when reporting an issue. In particular, I need to know the following:

1. Which tool are you using? Strategy window, most likely, or Strategy Monitor/Strategy rank?
2. What are your Position Sizing and Data Loading settings?
3. Which symbols? And their bar scale (Daily, if intraday - then which interval? etc.)
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