Price data supplier for JSE stocks?
Author: EJoub
Creation Date: 6/11/2013 5:51 PM
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I need your advice on the following. I had a look at your provider list but I can't judge from the very comprehensive guidance provided due to my limited experience.

I need the easiest method and supplier for backtesting say on one month of historical 5-min intraday price data for say 5 shares. If the sample can be on JSE shares it will best serve my needs.

I use Bloomberg static EOD data for a backup and they have JSE shares and SA funds.

I'm live on the JSE on another platform but can't download for testing on WL.

Because this is only temporary for a few quick test on a short term strategy, any sample would do. I don't even require names or volume.
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The Google provider can get you 5-minute data for U.S. stocks which is going back 2 months (for free).

IQFeed (paid vendor) is capable of delivering a deeper history but seems to be not offering JSE stocks at all.
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Thank you for the selection.

How do I get Google into the Preferences dialog window? I only have Bloomberg and Yahoo to select from at the moment.

More providers can be added at anytime by dropping their assemblies in the main Wealth-Lab Developer installation folder, and they'll be displayed here when Wealth-Lab detects them upon restart.

Where do I get the Assemblies?

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Forget about assemblies, that's for programmers.

1. Extensions HowTo: illustrated tutorial on installing extensions (also in the User Guide > Extension Manager)
2. Extensions are installed from the Extension Finder: filter by providers or type in a keyword (e.g. Google).
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