Odd trades in AA
Author: pubx101
Creation Date: 12/28/2015 2:29 PM
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There are incorrect results in my backtest results:

Long AA 713,971 shares at 12.99 on 10/9/2008 and sold at 11.64 on 10/10, the record shows that the loss is -10.39%, value is -96,386,100.90 (?)

another record with different test period is:
Long AA 1,874,432 shares at 8.08 on 11/11/2015 and sold at 8.00 on 11/12, the record shows that the loss is -0.99%, value is -14,995,471.90 (?)

Any ideas? Since both are for 'AA', are they data related problems? what should I check?

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1. What are your Symbol Info Manager settings? Is Futures mode enabled? Disable it, rerun the backtest.
2. How is the Preferences dialog set for: Commissions; Backtest Settings; and Slippage?
3. What visualizer is this coming from, Trades tab or other?
4. If you refresh the AA data by right-clicking the chart and selecting "Reload chart history", do you see any effect?
5. Does the error appear in single-symbol, multi-symbol mode or indifferent?
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Great ! I had a record with 'AA' in 'Symbol Info Manager'. It works correctly now after I delete the record.

Thank you very much.
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Glad to have helped.
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