Missing last earnings item for AA in Fidelity fundamental data
Author: richard1000
Creation Date: 10/17/2014 11:47 AM
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When I download the fundamental data from Fidelity, there are no data updates. For example, Fidelity Active Trader Pro says Alcoa (AA) reported earnings on 10/08/2014 but WL does not show this date. All the other previous earnings data are ok and do show up.

Obviously, Fidelity problem but I wanted to check if anyone else is seeing the same thing. So how long does it take for Fidelity to update earnings data?
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It's been a while since this has come up...
You get what Fidelity gets from their fundamental provider (who I think is still Wall Street On Demand). In the past we've seen data from earnings reports delayed up to 1 month. It's usually not that bad, but up to 2 weeks may not be all that uncommon.

Furthermore, it's possible (not uncommon) that the complete set of earnings data are not updated for a report at the same time. The Balance Sheet data may be updated for the latest earnings, but the Income Statement comes a few days later.

For both of these reasons, WLP attempts to refresh these data for up to 6 weeks (I think) following the last earnings date. (I'm not sure of the precise logic used.)

Can you trade with these data? Maybe for Weekly or Monthly scale triggers.
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Regardless of which fundamental provider to choose from, either Fidelity or 99WallStreet, when updating dataset, every symbol returns

"0 fundamental items updated."

I'm using the latest MS123 Extra Fundamental/News Providers Version 2014.10.

Can this be fixed asap?

The 99wallstreet.com itself is working. For example,

I'm wondering whether 99wallstreet.com provider included in the current MS123 is not working at all. The forum history shows that MS!23 extension uses some old URL, could this be the source of the problem?

Is there way to manually set past earning data for a symbol if the fundamental provider problem cannot be fixed soon?
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Finally the inevitable happened:

No data by 99wallstreet provider

Thanks for the heads-up. (Although for continuity's sake I'd prefer if it appeared in the forum thread above - considering that you've seen it.)
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I reported to Fidelity about earnings not being updated in the Fidelity data feed, using ADBE as an example. The ADBE earnings update from 9/16 is not reflected in the WL data feed as of 10/29. They said they'd call me back. I'll let you know.

From Fidelity's web site, stock research for ADBE...
Most Recent Report
Q3 2014 on 09/16/14

I wrote this script to check my fundamental data. I may use the method, GetLastFundamentalDate, in my strategies as a check:
Please log in to see this code.
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