Make a Wealth-Lab Strategy work in Interactive Brokers
Author: bhushan
Creation Date: 12/28/2017 5:54 AM
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I want to make Wealth-Lab strategy work in Interactive Brokers. Is there a way to link Wealth-Lab to Interactive Brokers?
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Please search the forum, there's no shortage of pointers to the IB "link" implemented by a 3rd party.

Looks like you're coming from India, so the correct term would be "Wealth-Lab (Developer) Strategy", not "Wealth-Lab Pro" (which is for U.S. residents as per this FAQ). Also, the "link" will not work in WLP - it's designed to work in WLD. I've corrected your topic's title.
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If you're interested in connecting Wealth-Lab Developer (it doesn't work for WLP) to Interactive Brokers then I've got some news for you.

Recently, a 3rd party has created a turnkey solution for getting static/streaming data and trading with IB using WL Developer 6 (not Wealth-Lab Pro):

If it's not the case kindly disregard my reply.
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I created my own dll but I'm not sure I can share this on the forum.

Sorry, it won't be appropriate in the eyes of Fidelity Investments if our website were used to host a broker provider for the competing brokerage.
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