Looking for free fundamental provider with data > 10 years
Author: tobiastempus
Creation Date: 12/6/2017 9:35 AM
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1. is there a free data Provider for fundamental data longer than 10 years? morningstar is pretty good but it just had 10 years fundamental data history.
if there is no free data Provider for longer than 10 years which paid data Provider could you recommend?

2. i tried to use quandl for free futures data but it didnt work.i registered me on the quandl website for the API Key but when i tried to download for example OFDP/FUTURE_B1 data it didnt work.Is there another good futures data provider for free?

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1. Please look no further:

Their complete list

Depending on the fundamental data you need, and it can be stock data or earnings, insiders, news, analysts etc., give them a try until you find what's best for you.

Wealth-Data has fundamental data too but it's limited to splits and dividends.

2. Kindly repost your Quandl question in a closely matching thread and I'll be happy to look into it, determine what's wrong and offer a solution or workaround for you, if possible:

Quandl: no data for CBOE/VIX, ECRI, CUR/, JOHNMATT/ ...
Quandl static provider + Zacks fundamental provider


Is there another good futures data provider for free?

If you're looking for "good" data go IQFeed but it's paid data. For free data, try browsing the Quandl website - it's organized well enough.
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