How to use Esignal data?
Author: pichu_1972
Creation Date: 8/19/2016 9:57 AM
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Hello everbody,
I would like to use EOD esignal data (stocks, index, etc...) with Wealth Lab.
I have some questions, perhaps any esignal user can solve.
Is it possible a massive downloading of data to the hard disk? How long you need for example to a discharge of 7000 values (NYSE + NASDAQ aprox.)? I have 50Mb Wifi.
Which format you receive from esignal...csv???
Thanks in advance.
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Exporting data to CSV from esignal should be possible:

Data Export and Tabular Mode
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Thank you very much Eugene!
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I recommend you QCollector ( to automate your downloading if you want to play with a lot of symbols.

This is the only tool that I found when I was a eSignal user.
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