How to draw a Series with different colors ?
Author: xiaofeng
Creation Date: 10/1/2008 11:11 PM
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I set the different for a series by SetSeriesBarColor. But when I draw it by PlotSeries, all the colors I set before were overwritten by Color.color in PlotSeries.

So, how to draw this Series with the colors I want ?
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SetSeriesBarColor colors individual bars, not series. Call PlotSeries first and then use SetSeriesBarColor.
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It works, thanks.

WealthScript .NET is a good language, but lack of program guide and related manuals.
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WealthScript (.NET) isn't a "language", it's an abstract class of methods that you can use in any .NET language. The language that you can use in the Wealth-Lab Editor is C#, but the world doesn't need another C# programming guide.

The WealthScript Programming Guide gives you what most customers are interested in - solutions and examples. If you want to learn to program, take a class in C#. Once you know that, you'll automatically know how to use WealthScript methods.
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