How are Multiple SellAtLimits handled by WL time &
Author: zanek
Creation Date: 8/3/2009 8:35 PM
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I kind of asked this question before, but I'm not sure if I asked this precise/specific question.

If I have the following code:

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Does WealthLab try to sell at the highest price first, then the higher price, then the medium price, and if all of those fail, sell at market ?

Also, how long does it try to sell at each of those limits during the next bar ? Does WL try to sell at the limit immediately and if it fails, returns to try the next limit sell and so on ?

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This construction can lead you to inflated results because of peeking. The AtMarket order should precede all the rest.

For more, see the WealthScript Programming Guide, Programming Trading Strategies > Peeking > Order of Trading Signals.
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Just a thought...

As a developer, I would think WL could internally handle this by queuing all SELL orders and prioritizing them?

Use it like a transaction.... something like this:

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SELL orders within the transaction are first prioritized on their type then the order which they were entered.

Obviously, I don't have access to the internal code, but I would think its possible and a great way to handle this concept that comes up over and over while not affecting the flexibility the system has.

(Again, just an idea / suggestion)

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The wizard will prioritize the exits (in V5), but code should execute as it's written. That's not going to change.
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