Going from amateur to pro... Unit trust pricing
Author: kephin
Creation Date: 9/7/2009 7:02 AM
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Hi Guys/Gals,

Making the step from making money with a system to actually being able to show a track record seems more difficult than I thought.HELP ;-)

The challenge
I want to raise some money from friends and family and issue them with units in return. These units need to be priced each month and new units issued or some withdrawn as time goes by.....for eg.
Friend A puts $100 in today and gets 100 units - priced at $1 a pop
A month later the fund has appreciated by 20%, fund is worth $120 and the units are now worth $1.20 = $120/100units.
Friend B then buys in with, say, $60 and is issued with 50 new units at $1.20. Total units out is now 50+100=150
So far, so good. Problem comes with tracking as more and more people come in, or some take some/all their money out....am quickly getting out of my depth...

Has anyone seen or used any good (affordable) software out there? Wealthlab is brilliant but alas doesn't offer this service - although it still has a great forum.

Thanks in advance


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what you are looking for is called an "Investment Club"... a quick search on google will reveal all the relevant rules, and software you need.

From personal experience, I ran one of these about 10 years ago, and its a complete pain-in-the-butt.

If you want to attract "friendly" money, you only need to convince friends and family... that shouldn't be too difficult...

You should know though, that if you want to create a track record to attract "real" money, then an investment club won't be considered a suitable proof.

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I would strongly suggest once you've obtained your funding, probably about $10k, that you start an account at covestor.com. It will track your trades for any accounts you manage. I've recently started doing that, and if you're good, I think there's money to be made that way.
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Thanks Guys - any other suggetions out there? This forum has got to be the source of smart ways around this. Bruce, if the investment club isn't sufficient what would you recommend? Cheers
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recommend for what?

Are you interested in making money or having a track record for some purpose? If so, what. I can only assume you want to build a track record to get "serious money".

Making money is easy - go to your "friendlies" and ask them for some, then use your system on it - split the profits.

Making a track record is much harder - a track record is all about returns and risk. Take your favourite strategy and run it at (say) $100,000. Note your return and risk. Now change the amount to $100,000,000 and select "Limit position size to % of volume" in the simulator to be at 1 or 2%. Now re-run your simulation.

If you did this, then you now see exactly what the problem is that you face. Welcome to the world of where trader tries to turn pro. Hard, isn't it! As you have just observed, you are now in a completely different ballgame, and the system you have developed is not up to the job of managing "serious money".

It will also be clear to you after doing the above why running an investment club or friendly money will not build you a track record that anyone will accept as proof of ability to manage money.


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