Genetic Optimizer crashes when parameter has no increment
Author: gbullr
Creation Date: 1/11/2012 9:00 PM
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My WL 6.2 64 Bit has been crashing when I try to use the Genetic Optimizer. Does no crash using MonteCarlo. I have reinstalled Genetic Addin but problem remains. Suggestions.


Problem resolver (my mistake) if you forget to put an increment into one of the variables in Genetic mode the program crashes. For some reason in Monte Carlo mode it does not. Apologies.

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If you forget to put an increment, the strategy simply won't compile = no optimization possible. Even if you intentionally edit out a Step or set it to 0, WL will take care of this error and introduce a valid Step (1).

I don't see how can you "forget" to put an increment, let alone crash the optimizer.
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