Gap Strategy: Buy on 3% gap
Author: wfinkov
Creation Date: 9/29/2013 3:46 AM
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Sorry for the question, but i am a newbie vom please help:

I want to make a simple Gap Strategy:

Buy (Sell) a more than 3 % overnight gap

Trailing Stopp: Close (Bar)

Is this possible?

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There exists a downloadable strategy with more adaptive rules: based on ATR rather than percentages. Check it out:

Significant gap buyer (intraday)

If you prefer percentages, you can design a prototype using rules and then adjust it like I did (below):

Assumung your "Trailing Stop: Close (Bar)" is actually "Exit same day on close", give this a try:

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i dont have Gap up or down in strategy in rules
price or volume action?


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Because they are a part of Community Rules which you don't have installed. To obtain it you have to register in the Wiki, wait until your Wiki account is authorized by us (won't take long as you're a customer), log in to the Wiki and follow installation instructions on that page.
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markmcintosh58 asked in an unrelated thread:

How do I get the Community rules.

I have gone to extension manager and I think downloaded everything as said in the request to get approved for wiki. When I click on conditions I do not see any of the rules listed on this page

I have not downloaded anything from the Wiki.and still do not see anything for attachments.


I have downloaded the Community Components from this page and then dragged that it onto the extension manager as described in the video and then restarted.

One thing I do notice when I download Community components is that is does download but something titled Void(0) Failed-Network error also simultaneously downloads in Chrome. I also tried downloading from Microsoft Explorer and dragging onto the Extension. I still do not see any additions on Conditions like Gap up or Gap down.
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Community.Rules (click) is not an extension. For this reason, it will not appear in the Extension Manager. Please log in to the Wiki with your new Wiki account to download and install it following instructions on that page.
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Perfect. Worked.
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