Error: "Invalid Benchmark Buy and Hold Symbol: XAO"
Author: mckeague
Creation Date: 9/4/2016 6:15 AM
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I keep getting a 'invalid benchmark buy and hold symbol: XAO' when I run my coding system, and don't know how to fix the problem.

I think I have successfully downloaded required extensions (community components, poss sizer, perform visual, and index)

Any help would be great. I'm a new member to the system so could be missing something in my setup...
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Hi Phil,

Welcome to the forum. You can get this error due to a live issue if your code is calling SetContext and DataSetSymbols. In this case, XAO has 0 bars i.e. is null. Check out our Knowledge Base:

Open Issues > Invalid Benchmark Buy and Hold message for DataSetSymbols

Another possible reason is when "Benchmark Buy & Hold" is activated in Wealth-Lab's Preferences and XAO in fact is an invalid symbol (not found across your installed DataSets in the current bar scale).

If further assistance is required please provide some details to help us reproduce the issue starting with your strategy code and data loading settings (bar scale, symbols, data providers...)
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