Error message when closing: Application error &quo
Author: wphill
Creation Date: 4/3/2009 5:12 PM
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...the memory could not be "written"

Only does this after modifying a chart in my work space.

Anyone see this before? Have a fix? Fidelity tech support suggested I post this here before removing all my data and re-installing.

Since getting this error...w.lab opens much more slowly. A simple uninstall and re install did not work.

I'm using 5.3 version.

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Please do this simple troubleshooting procedure Robert has developed and let us know.

A simple uninstall and re install did not work.

It will never work out, and despite a mention of it added to the Wiki FAQ, I have a feeling that it's natural for everyone to try uninstalling WLP at least once - no problem, it's harmless :)
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