Email alerts in portfolio strategy
Author: Gamba
Creation Date: 12/18/2012 12:39 PM
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I'm using a portfolio strategie with multiple symbols in a dataset.
Sending email alerts works fine per symbol. I get one email per symbol.

Is it possible to collect all signals for all symbols and send only one email
at the end of the script and at the end of all symbols of the dataset?

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Yes, by coding this in Strategy using e.g. this method:

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No, that is not the solution. I already use this method, but for every symbol
ONE email is sent. If I have 10 alerts for 10 different symbols, I will get
10 separate emails.

Instead, I only want to send 1 email, with all alerts for this day.

Maybe it is possilke to send a file (I already write trades into file)
as attachement, with all alerst. But then I have to know the last symbol
of the portfolio or the end of the portfolio-simulation?
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You're right: this is not the solution, this is the tool, and only your coding makes it the solution.

Call AlertByEmail in a manner that the method is executed on the last symbol of the portfolio. Here's how to determine it:

WealthScript Techniques | Executing some code only once
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It works as expected, thank you.
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