Download DataSet to CSV (ASCII) file
Author: rbryant
Creation Date: 6/23/2018 11:58 PM
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How can one download a dataset for a specific period to a csv file? Eg, if there are 20 stock symbols, and I set the period to the last year, is there a way to download them all into one csv?

I know I could go into my computer folder and find each stock's file, but I wouldnt want to aggregate 20 files on a regular basis (eg for 20 stocks).

I searched the forum before asking this question.

Thanks and regards

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Hi Rod,

Problem is, you may have searched but not the proper keywords. DataSets aren't downloaded to file, you're using a search term which will not return expected results. Here's what should get the job done:

Wealth-Lab Wiki > Knowledge Base category > Data | Exporting data out of WL6 to ASCII and binary files

If you wish to export multiple DataSets at once, the Wiki link should do the trick:

Looping through DataSets, post #8

P.S. Topic title was: "Download dataset", is: "Export DataSet to CSV (ASCII) file".
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