Data point value & decimal places
Author: systrading
Creation Date: 2/12/2011 1:22 AM
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Hi - apologies in advance if covered previously. Importing ASCII data for EUR spot bars. Bringing up chart in WL not a problem so data read ok. Problem is in specifying the decimal places and point value of the data. I can see only 2 decimal places instead of 4 in a chart. I cant run a system on it as I cant specify the point value - eg, let 1 "lot" equal 100k EUR then value of 1 in data is 100k USD then i can position size. I see the Symbol info stuff but it doesnt recognise the data name and always capitalises when I type in the name (??). Was a user of version 3 where I think I could spec this info for individual data but now a little confused in v6 - sry. Thnx v much for any help.
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There was a global WL3/4 option which now can be found in Preferences > Advanced Options > Decimal Places.

The number of decimals for symbols specified in the Symbol Info Manager will override this setting. The big point value is configured here. Note: symbol names are context-sensitive.
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Eugene - You very much for the prompt reply :-)
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To be clear, if you're trading Euro futures, then you need to specify the symbol and its contract specs in the Symbol Info Manager and make sure that Futures Mode is enabled.
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