DIPlus / DIMinus values are round numbers
Author: TheWorldToCome
Creation Date: 9/1/2016 3:40 PM
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All other indicators I am using such as simple moving averages and stochastics the values will be calculated out to however many decimals I have selected to show, for example one of my simple moving averages says 67.0870

However all the values of my DIPlus / DIMinus are round numbers such as 12.0000 or 18.0000

On other platforms, there will be decimal values showed.

Is this built into the formula to round off the numbers? Any help would be great.
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Hint: when in doubt, simply click "More info" straight in Wealth-Lab's Indicators list to open its Wiki page. Typically you will find most all indicators documented, including the formula (or a link to it). For example, quoting from the online user guide:


+DI = Round( ( +DM / TR ) * 100 )

So your assumption is correct, it is rounded up. While I don't know about other platforms, I don't see much value in the raw numbers of DI+/DI-. There's not much precision to lose here.
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Thank you for the response, I did spend like an hour looking around the wiki and the WealthScript Programming Guide under Indicators and custom Indicators trying to figure all this out before making this thread but still needed help, I am very new to all this.

Decimal precision is important for my strategy, is there a way to edit the formula and deleted the 'round' out of it? Or I guess just create from scratch the both the DIPlus DIMinus indicators without rounding?
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You're right, re-creating from scratch the indicators is the way to go as editing the formula is impossible.
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