Can stock quote data for obsolete symbols be imported into a Fidelity dataset?
Author: jazgray
Creation Date: 12/12/2010 11:20 PM
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I want to create a Fidelity dataset that has all of the stock symbols that are in the NASDAQ 100 now, and all of the stocks that were in the NASDAQ 100 in the past. Many of the past stock symbols are obsolete and Fidelity does not have the data for them. Is there any way to import data for obsolete stock symbols into a Fidelity dataset?
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Probably it could be possible with some manipulations but here's a hassle-free way:

Aronow Software LLC Watchlist Static Data Provider

Combine any DataSets e.g. actual with obsolete symbols, creating new DataSets.
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If the question is where to get stock data for tickers that no longer trade, then the best answer I've found is Premium Data. For an extremely reasonable fee, you can get decades of this data. Further, their EOD service is quite good - keeping track of exchange and index changes, as well as organizing delisted as it occurs.
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Thanks Eugene and Cone,

I found free obsolete stock symbol data at Quantshare which I wanted to put into a Fidelity dataset so I could continue to use their EOD data update, and also continue to use the high quality data for current stocks from Fidelity. The Aronow Software LLC Watchlist Static Data Provider will be a good alternative solution that will allow me to combine the two datasets although the udpate will not be automated. I appreciate the tip on the quality obsolete stock data available at Premium Data.
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